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Transit Service Development

TMD prepares short (SRTP/TDP) and long-range (LRTP) transit plans that meet specific agency requirements. These plans build on comprehensive service and operations planning work; detail the required fleet, facility, and technology programs; and utilize sound financial cost and revenue planning.

5‐Step Service Development Approach

  1. Know your customers and target market segments both today and into the future.
  2. Consider all service and network models in developing responsive transit products.
  3. Build operating efficiency and reliability into the basic service and network design.
  4. Use a clear market, service, and operating framework to assist with decision‐
  5. Develop the services and network within a collaborative, inclusive process with both internal and external stakeholders.

Service & Operational Planning Innovation

Since 1988, TMD has continued to provide specialized services to transit systems of all sizes and modes. Our high rate of repeat business is the result of practicing a collaborative approach, considering all options, designing for a successful implementation and operation, and always putting our client’s success first.

  • TMD provides comprehensive technical support in the analysis and improvement of bus and rail transit services and operations. The work is both top‐down and bottom‐up.
  • TMD has helped develop and implement a number of innovative services including arterial Bus Rapid Transit, headway‐based service operation, flexible routes (smart shuttles), trip‐based service routes (seniors, schools), and efficient multi‐tiered timed transfer networks.
  • TMD continues to help clients achieve real implementation success through increasing ridership and revenue, while reducing operating and capital costs.

Implementation Support

From comprehensive bus and rail scheduling (schedule writing, vehicle blocking, and crew scheduling) using TMD’s in‐house scheduling software to the development of operating plans, policies, and protocols; operations, scheduling, planning and customer service training; facility development and refinement (stops, stations, transit centers, and O&M facilities); vehicle specification; service contracting; development of service warrants and performance standards; and ongoing service and operation monitoring.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Development

TMD’s approach to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) development is to fit the right service option to the transit market and operating environment.

TMD brings extensive Bus Rapid Transit and Rapid Bus experience to any project work and has been working in LA County since the late 1990’s with the landmark Metro Rapid arterial BRT, Orange Line BRT, El Monte Busway, and Santa Monica Pico Rapid. TMD also brings experience with the San Diego I-15 BRT, SANDAG’s Transit First network of BRT corridors, Virginia Street arterial BRT in Reno, Detroit’s SpeedLink BRT network, San Francisco MTA (Muni) network of BRT and Rapid bus, Metro Transit BRT design concepts for I-494, I-35W, and Lake Street in Minneapolis, Vancouver’s TransLink BRT Vision, Tampa HART’s three BRT initiatives: Nebraska, Hillsborough/MLK, Kennedy (part of COA Phase II), Denver US 36 freeway-based BRT (exclusive and mixed running; part of transit sector restructuring), and SunLine Hwy 111 BRT (Coachella Valley).

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