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Transportation Management and Design, Inc. is one of the few firms in the United States that offers a full range of service and operations planning and scheduling services for the transit industry.  As an early adopter, TMD quickly became familiar with prevalent scheduling software systems. TMD’s strength lies in our proven ability to utilize scheduling software as a tool to develop accurate timetables and efficiently schedule vehicles and operators that reflect sound operating practices and local work rules.  Our scheduling team brings both expert scheduling software skills and perhaps more importantly the operating experience and savvy necessary for consistent positive outcomes for our clients, especially when addressing complicated labor relations.

TMD’s full range of transit scheduling services include:

  • Schedule building, capacity and running time calibration, timed transfer coordination, schedule optimization.
  • Vehicle blocking (hooking), block interlining optimization, division assignment, non-revenue service (pull/deadhead) analysis (including new operating facility locations), crew relief needs.
  • Crew scheduling (runcutting), rostering, weekly bid preparation.
  • Collective bargaining agreement review, labor negotiation support, “what if” scenario testing.
  • On-site training in basic and advanced scheduling techniques, including applied scheduling software use.

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