TMD Helps Shape the Future of Transit in Des Moines

(Carlsbad, CA – October, 2016) – The Des Moines Regional Transit Authority released its updated draft plan on Wednesday that looks ahead to 2035 and how new demands like population and employment growth, ride-sharing and technology can be incorporated into the public transit system.

The DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan Year Five Update, prepared by TMD, recommends the addition of up to 19 mobility hubs throughout the greater Des Moines region and anywhere from 30 to 250 new shelters. The updated plan’s expansion options could give up to 60% of residents access to buses that run every 20 minutes or less. DART also wants more convenient access by providing stops every quarter mile in high demand areas. The most expansive plan calls for expanding service to Ames, Indianola, Norwalk and Waukee.

The proposed plan also recommends options for Freeway Rapid Transit services. This could include options like a dedicated public transportation and carpool lane or use of freeway shoulders as bus stops. Other options include adding freeway bus stops to on/off ramps or driving riders to bus stops that are closer to the freeway. Both would prevent the bus from having to fully exit the freeway, which would cut time.

The draft DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan Year Five Update will be reviewed by the public before a final version is completed in late winter or early spring.

Read the full Des Moines Register article here.

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