San Diego MTS Transit System Rethink (COA)

San Diego MTS Transit System Rethink (COA) 2017-05-31T17:13:30+00:00

Project Description

The first-ever bus and trolley Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) was a joint TMD/MTS rethink of rail and bus transit in San Diego. The effort was a blank slate look at consumer markets, travel demand, bus and rail service effectiveness, and operational efficiency.

The MTS Board’s previous reluctance to approach system changes was addressed through a transparent, inclusive engagement of stakeholders at all levels from both Blue Ribbon and Neighborhood Grassroots Committees to transit station/stop “pop-ups” for rider interaction. Board unanimously approved the major rethink of the MTS transit network, service tiers, and allocation priorities.

Bus and Trolley implementation of the COA resulted in net savings of over $10 million annually; $4 million in new farebox revenue, $3 million in efficiency, and $3 million in consolidations and reductions.

TMD has provided on-call support to MTS since 1990. Recent work includes transit scheduling and new service planning (I-15 BRT).

21% COA ridership growth from 2005 – 2008

Project Details