Denver RTD Transit Network Rethink

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Project Description

TMD is in Year 16 of serving as the Denver Regional Transportation District’s General Planning Consultant (fourth five-year contract). TMD serves as an extension of staff providing technical expertise in service and network design, operations planning, scheduling, and facility planning. TMD has assisted RTD in redeveloping its bus system in response to the expanding rail services (T-Rex and FasTracks), tested a network re-orientation to a timed transfer configuration, developed new community mobility initiatives, and prepared the service and operating plans for US36 BRT (Flatiron Flyer), the new Denver Union Station, downtown’s Free MetroRide, and most recently the network restructuring associated with the new A, B, G, and R Rail Lines. TMD is currently completing an analysis of the RTD network for potential service and infrastructure investments to improve to passenger waits, bus speed/delay, and access.

Compendium of All RTD Project Work:

2014     Gold and Northwest Corridors Network Planning
2014     East & I-225 Corridors Network Planning (FasTracks Lines A, B, G, R)
2014     US36 BRT “Flatiron Flyer” Service and Operations Implementation Plan
2013     Cherry Creek/Glendale to DUS Community Study (Speer Blvd Transit Enhancements)
2013     Transit Scheduling – Opportunity Assessment for Special Day Schedules
2012     New Denver Union Station Service and Operations Implementation Plan
2012     RTD On-Time Performance Analysis and Program Development
2011     Boulder County & North Metro Potential Transit Improvements
2011     Westside Transit Enhancement Study
2010     West Corridor Network Planning (FasTracks Line W)
2009     FastConnects Service Development (network sketch plan for FasTracks implementation)
2009     Downtown Denver Distributor (branded Free MetroRide)
2009     Southeast Corridor Lessons Learned Review (T-Rex Lines E, F, H)
2008     Community Shuttle Evaluation and New Best Practice Standards
2008     RTD Service Warrants and Performance Standards Review and Update
2007     System Service Reductions
2006     Westside Sketch Plan (Sustainable Community Initiative with City of Denver)
2004     Northern Sector Network Planning (early FasTracks)
2003      Operations Plan for Transit Centers and Real-time Service Management
2002     RTD Southeast Corridor Network Planning (T-Rex Lines E, F, H)
2001     Transfer Analysis (Analysis of O/D Patterns)
2001     Network Connections (Timed Transfer Network System Scheduling Test)

TMD developed the service and operations plans that resulted in RTD’s successful new Union Station Bus Center, downtown’s Free MetroRide BRT, and the Flatiron Flyer (US36 BRT).

Project Details