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Capital Metro Board Approves Transit System Overhaul

(Austin, TX – February, 2017) – Capital Metro's board of directors today approved the agency's Connections 2025 draft transit plan, allowing the agency to move forward with a bold, new vision for its transit system. Some of the key elements of the new plan involve creating a more frequent, reliable and connected network of services. [...]

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TMD Welcomes Leah Katz, AICP, to its Planning Practice

(Carlsbad, CA – November, 2016) - Leah Katz, AICP, recently joined TMD after serving for more than 5 years as a planning professional in New York. Leah Katz is an experienced transportation planner with a background in regional connectivity and mobility planning. She has served on projects that range from corridor level service evaluations to [...]

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TMD Helps Shape the Future of Transit in Des Moines

(Carlsbad, CA – October, 2016) – The Des Moines Regional Transit Authority released its updated draft plan on Wednesday that looks ahead to 2035 and how new demands like population and employment growth, ride-sharing and technology can be incorporated into the public transit system. The DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan Year Five Update, prepared [...]

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TMD Welcomes Thomas Del Sorbo to its Planning Practice

(Carlsbad, CA – September, 2016) - Thomas Del Sorbo, former Executive Vice President of Bus Operations for the New York City MTA, recently joined TMD. Mr. Del Sorbo is an experienced manager with a background focused on transit operations, strategic planning and financial management. He has served as a senior executive and managed a variety [...]

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Capital Metro Unveils Redesigned Transit Network Proposal

(Austin, TX - August, 2016) - After a year-long process involving an in-depth, analysis of its entire bus network by staff and a team of independent transportation experts, Capital Metro has presented its board with a 10-year draft transit plan that would nearly triple existing frequent routes, and significantly increase reliability and connections for riders. [...]

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TMD Welcomes Robin Van Valkenburgh to its Planning Practice

(Carlsbad, CA – August, 2016) - Robin Van Valkenburgh, former Assistant General Manager for the Alexandria Transit Company, recently joined TMD’s project management team. For the past 12 years, Mr. Van Valkenburgh served in various transit system management roles in both the private and public sectors. In Northern California, his work with El Dorado Transit [...]

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