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Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

Pinellas Community Bus Plan
The Pinellas Community Bus Plan seeks to refine regional mobility goals, establish a clear framework for service development, and provide a context for various transit planning efforts. Integral to the process is the thorough, grass-roots public involvement effort that will engage all sectors of the Pinellas community in meaningful dialogue, including traditionally under-represented groups.

RTA Riverside Scheduling
TMD has been providing ongoing scheduling services to the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) since 2004. The first project helped RTA transition from a manual to a computerized scheduling environment while addressing work rule and efficiency issues. RTA recently selected TMD for it's latest three-year scheduling contract.

Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority 2035 Transit Service Plan
TMD undertook a comprehensive analysis of fixed-route as well as on-call services in the Des Moines region. Short, intermediate, and long-term recommendations were developed as part of the 2035 Transit Services Plan and were adopted by the DART Commission in September 2011.

MTC Transit Sustainability Plan
TMD is part of a comprehensive Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) effort to address both chronic and acute transit financial sustainability issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. TMD's focus areas are service performance and operations with a supporting role in financial sustainability. TMD has five specific projects: three directly part of the TSP and two supporting projects funded by MTC.

LA Metro Rapid BRT
TMD managed the concept, design, implementation, and expansion stages of the Metro Rapid arterial BRT for the Los Angeles County MTA (Metro). TMD work included a county-wide assessment of potential BRT corridors, corridor selection and development, design, location, and site plans for stations, and development of the operating and capital financial plan for the original two demonstration lines as part of the 29-line Five Year Metro Rapid Plan. The Plan's vehicle recommendations led to the Metro procurement of BRT designed 45-foot and articulated buses.

San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project
The project is a collaborative effort with both SFMTA and the City Controller to support the redevelopment of the Muni network of services and delivery systems within a sustainable financial plan. The first phase of the TEP was successfully implemented in November 2009. The SFTEP and TMD's Santa Clara VTA COA were recently lauded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as success models for the Bay Area.

Denver RTD General Planning & Operations Consultant
TMD is working on a third five-year contract as the General Planning Consultant, providing technical support to the Regional Transit District (RTD) since 2001 in service development, operations planning, scheduling, and facility planning. TMD has assisted RTD in redeveloping its bus system in response to the expanding rail services (T-Rex and FasTracks) and a network reorientation to a timed transfer network configuration.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
TMD and a teamof consltants is reviewing Big Blue Bus ridership, service, and operations while conducting an Alternatives Analysis for potential corridors connecting the upcoming Expo LRT and future Purple Line subway. In January 2011, TMD kicked off an analysis of the potential for a circulator bus route in downtown Santa Monica – a city with a unique mix of residents, tourists, retail and professional employment.

Buffalo Service and Fare Restructuring
TMD recently completed the Erie County Route and Fare Structure Review and Strategic Assessment for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) in Buffalo, New York. The project included a major overhaul of NFTA bus and rail service around new urban and suburban service models including identification of major investment corridors. The financially sustainable plan includes short, medium and long-term service and capital recommendations.

OCTA Transit System Study
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) hired TMD and its team consisting of Booz Allen Hamilton, CGR Consulting and Steer Davies Gleave to perform a system-wide study of its transit system in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and to provide a high-quality service in a period of unstable operating subsidies. Named the System-Wide Transit Study, it includes a detailed analysis of OCTA's fixed route and paratransit services using available financial, operational, and performance data, plans, and reports.

LA Metro Bus Speed Improvement Plan
Metro partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW) in two initiatives to reverse a long term decline in bus speeds: the Wilshire Boulevard Bus Speed Improvement Pilot Project followed by a Countywide Bus Speed and Street Design Improvement Study. TMD is currently leading the countywide initiative, which is built upon the highly successful Wilshire Boulevard project.

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